Why are Oxygen Botanicals™ products different? RotatingProducts

Oxygen Botanicals™ products use a proprietary method to encapsulate and stabilize pure Oxygen into catezomes.

Oxygen Botanicals™ products do not contain any hydrogen peroxide.

Its  products are scientifically formulated to time release the Oxygen complex into the epidermal layer.

Its formulations contain a wide variety of healing and regenerative botanicals to enrich this lifeline of Oxygen infused products.

Oxygen Botanicals™ include essential extracts such as Linden, Soybean, Ginseng, Chamomile, and Aloe Vera that provide additional rejuvenating and healing properties.

Its formulations also contain Vitamins A, B3, B8, C, E, F, & K for moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties.

Oxygen Botanicals™ are prescribed and sold only by professionals.

Use our easy to follow step-by-step protocols to deliver outstanding results to your client or…customize the perfect formula with our full line of specialty serums.

Oxygen Botanicals TM professional treatment serums may be used with simple step-by-step protocols or customized to create a perfect formula for every skin condition.









Oxygen Botanicals™ line is produced in Canada by  CMI Cosmetic Manufacturers Inc.. It is based on a revolutionary treatment of slowing down the skin aging. On a water basis, all products are infused with pure oxygen without any chemical by-product. Our skin needs it as the city environment becomes more and more polluted, thus accelerating skin withering.


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Oxygen Botanicals Features

pure, non-chemically derived Oxygen

time-released advanced delivery system

water-based formulas

pure, natural botanicals

non-synthetic fragrances

no animal testing




In just a few weeks, a clear improvement and visible

results can be noticed: the texture becomes finer, brighter complexion.


Oxygen rebalances all skin types,

from dehydrated dry to oily, loose or spotted.