The Oxygen Botanicals™ Story



Beginnings and Manufacturing

About 2 decades ago, Oxygen Botanicals™ Laboratories were asked to develop products designed for the Asian and ethnic markets specifically for hyper-pigmentation. We were experimenting with Hydrogen Peroxide and found some very interesting results. These were the beginning stages of successfully trapping chemically derived oxygen in skin care products. These formulas are currently being marketed as the most advanced Oxygen products available. However we are also aware of its limitations. Hydrogen Peroxide may bleach the skin, facial hair (eyebrows), can cause cellular expansion and can be drying to the skin. With the emergence of Oxygen Botanicals™ latest technology, you can provide the benefits of pure oxygen, without the contra-indications caused by Hydrogen Peroxide and other harsh chemicals.


The Breakthrough

In 1996, Oxygen Botanicals™, made its most important discovery. We found a way of actually trapping and stabilizing non-chemically derived pure oxygen in all our skincare products. Our unique oxygen delivery system is time-released at 40 minute intervals, each of which occurs for 10 minutes in duration; the strongest concentrations are in the first three hours. Oxygen regenerates cell metabolism and penetrates into the epidermis, to actually stimulate new cell information. No other manufacturer can make this claim at present.


Advantages of Using Pure Oxygen for Skin Care

As we age our skin cells begin to suffocate because of lack of Oxygen, and as a result, it dies. Oxygen breathes life into the skin and helps the transfer of Proteins, Molecules, DNA, Liposomes, Ceramides, and Sphingolipids into the cells, therefore, transferring energy materials from cell to cell. Oxygen fights free radical scavengers and it is stable in the emulsion immediately during application to the skin. It disperses upon movement, therefore increasing oxygen on and in the skin.


Product Ingredients

We call Oxygen Botanicals™ the pure line. All our products are water-based. They contain pure oxygen, infusing the highest quality and most advanced pure natural botanicals and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Formulations include: Linden Extract to encourage proficient circulation, Soybean Extract to stimulate the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin, Ginseng Extract to increase epidermal elasticity, Chamomile Extract to restore and repair damaged skin, Lavender Extract to regenerate skin cells, Aloe Vera Gel to rehabilitate the epidermis, Vitamin A to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant agent to build Collagen. All of these ingredients are combined in such a way as to invigorate, calm, soothe, and replenish your skin. The fragrance used throughout the Oxygen Botanicals™ line is natural grapefruit of absolute grade; which is a higher and more expensive grade than essential oil. Also noteworthy is that Oxygen Botanicals™ products are scientifically tested , not animal tested.




CMI Cosmetic Manufacturers Inc.


Oxygen Botanicals™ is produced and manufactured in Canada by CMI Cosmetic Manufacturers Inc.,

CMI is an innovative and highly diversified company that employs skilled scientists and chemists who work tirelessly to develop the very best in cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products and applications.

Fifty-two bio-molecular engineers worked in concert to develop technology that can actually suspend pure stabilized oxygen molecules (encapsulated in catezome structures) in emulsions (wet/dry) and serums that are readily absorbed into the skin. Oxygen is stabilized in an emulsion and it disburses upon movement, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen to the skin.