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We bring you a comprehensive range of the finest professional beauty products,

prescribed and sold only by professional aestheticians.


Oxygen Botanicals™ is the first skin care line infused of products with pure oxygen that is not chemically derived.


Benefits of Botanicals


For thousand of years, botanicals have been recognized by many cultures for their restorative powers. The researchers of Oxygen Botanicals™ Laboratories have drawn upon a wide variety of rejuvenating botanicals to enrich these oxygen-infused products.

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The Oxygen Botanicals™ laboratory has succeeded in trapping, encapsulating and stabilizing pure Oxygen in its products. As a result, we offer a complete line of dermatological products for all types of skins.

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Where can you get Oxygen Botanicals Products




The formulations include botanical extracts and vitamins to promote circulation and stimulate the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin, to increase epidermal elasticity, to repair damaged skin and regenerate skin cells, to rehabilitate the epidermis, to diminish wrinkles...  

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The complete Oxygen Botanicals™ line consists of skin care products for retail and professional. All of these products are infused with pure oxygen molecules that are encapsulated within catezome structures.




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